Talk English Together

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is funding Talk English Together as part of a research project, to collect evidence on the impact of community-based ESOL programmes. DCLG has commissioned researchers from BMG Research and the Learning & Work Institute to support the research, and help us record and analyse learner outcomes.

As part of the initiative QED is offering 3 courses, two in Bradford and one in Keighley recruiting 72 learners, 3 ESOL teachers and a team of voluntary teaching assistants.


We Can Help.

Talk English Together – Free English Language Course

QED is starting free English language courses in mid-April and September 2016 in Bradford and Keighley. These courses are funded by the DCLG as part of a research project.

If You:

can speak little or no English (are at Pre-entry to Entry-1 ESOL Level)
aged 19+
have been resident in the UK for 12+ months
are unemployed and not looking for work and not on JSA

Then this course is for you.

For more information please call QED at 0300 500 1000 and speak with an administrator.