My Journey

We are being supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation to find out how community cohesion can be promoted in places with different migration pressures.

We are helping migrants aged 14-25 to talk about their positive and negative experiences of settling in English towns and cities with their peers who are born here and a wide range of professionals including council officers, social workers, teachers, police and union officials. This will enable others to understand more about why the young people came to live in the UK; their personal identities; their hopes for the future; and their support needs.

The migrants will work with the professionals and their British-born counterparts to draw up action plans to help everyone to live peacefully together and make it easier for new arrivals to work, study and meet their health and housing needs. We will send a report to policy makers across the UK including local councils, MPs, civil servants, police, health and education authorities, accommodation providers and third sector organisations so that they can also benefit from the lessons we have learned.