Local Delivery Partners

QED has worked with and is working with a number of high performing partnerships to deliver good quality contracts and services across the UK.

Some of QED’s Local Delivery Partners include:

Name: 3SC
Location: Nationwide
Year Established: 2009
Main Aim: 3SC manages public services contracts on behalf of third sector organisations. They manage the bidding process and build supply chains of local organisations allowing smaller third sector providers to compete for, and deliver large contracts. They manage the contracts to ensure high quality performance enabling our third sector stakeholders to focus on exceptional delivery.
Projects Partnered with QED: Future Jobs Fund, Specialist Employment Support for the Visually Impaired
Website: http://www.3sc.org/
Contact Details: 0330 30 30 300 or info@3SC.org

Name: Aspire-igen
Location: Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire
Year Established: 2014 (Aspire-i and Igen Ltd merged in 2014)
Main Aim: Aspire-igen is a Yorkshire based social enterprise committed to changing lives for the better through learning and work. For the past 25 years, they have successfully helped individuals, organisations and communities to achieve their ambitions by providing them with the high quality tools, motivation and support they need, whenever and however they need it.
Projects Partnered with QED: Study Programme
Website: https://aspire-igen.com/
Contact Details: 01274 829400 or 0113 2259000

Name: Sangat Centre
Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire
Year Established: 1994
Main Aim: Sangat Centre seeks to empower the local communities by its creative and innovative projects, which involve the local people at all levels, from user to management committee. It is situated in a predominantly Asian area; its ethos is to provide services to all the areas diverse communities. It occupies a position of trust and respect in the minds of Keighley people and its various services are vital to the self-esteem and wellbeing of a cross-section of the Keighley community.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) Yorkshire, Talk English
Website: http://www.sangatcentre.co.uk/
Contact Details: Ghulam Rabbani, 07727222702 / 01535 610263, sangat1uk@yahoo.com

Name: United Multicultural Centre
Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Main Aim: UMC plays a pivotal role in providing support, advice and training to the people of Rotherham as well as gaining national recognition for its work with ethnic minority communities and disadvantaged women. The centre work to tackle social inclusion issues and closer integration between local communities in Rotherham. The UMCC provides a vital service to around 2,000 people each year, offering over 25 different training courses, skills workshops and accredited academic qualifications. It also provides a range of family and children’s activities, sports activities and gives guidance and advice, which combines fun with learning in a safe and secure environment.
Projects Partnered with QED: Narrowing the Gap (NTG)
Website: http://www.umcc.org.uk/about-us.html
Contact Details: 01709 360036, admin@umcc.org.uk

Name: Shantona Women’s Centre
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Main Aim: Shantona Women’s Centre is a unique service that provides women, children, young people and families with an open and transparent support system. Their family support service offers a holistic approach to dealing with many diverse and complex issues. With over 8 languages spoken at the centre, they pride themselves on having a multi-cultural team of workers who collectively bring together a broad range of experiences, different ideas and create a solid and knowledgeable support system for those who need it.
Projects Partnered with QED: United Through Diversity (UTD), ESOL for Work (E4W)
Website: http://www.shantona.co.uk/
Contact Details: Nahid Rasool, 0113 2497120, nahidrasool@shantona.co.uk

Name: Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance (HPCA)
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Year Established: 1998
Main Aim: HPCA’s main objective include; the advancement of education for the public benefit, the relief and prevention of poverty and the protection and preservation of good health. In addition to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of Huddersfield and the surrounding area, the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances. These objectives have a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of the Pakistani community residing in Huddersfield in the District of Kirklees Council.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) Yorkshire
Website: http://www.hpca.org.uk/
Contact Details: 01484 422 656 or pyf@hpca.org.uk

Name: Heaton Children’s Centre
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Main Aim: Heaton Children’s Centre is based on the concept of providing integrated education with childcare; family support and health services are key factors in achieving good outcomes for children and parents. It provides a wide range of services for the community including, education and childcare, family support and outreach work, child and family health services as well as links to jobcentres and training providers.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) Yorkshire, Talk English
Website: http://www.heaton.childrencentre.org/index.php?page_id=1
Contact Details: 01274 363070

Name: Canterbury Children’s Centre
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Main Aim: At Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families the children are at the heart of an encouraging and challenging environment where everyone recognises and celebrates our differences, communicates the importance of learning and believes that everyone can achieve.
Projects Partnered with QED: United Through Diversity (UTD)
Website: http://www.canterburycc.co.uk/home
Contact Details: 01274 574539, Jackie or Duncan, office@canterbury.ngfl.ac.uk

Name: Adab
Location: Bury, Greater Manchester
Main Aim: Adab’s overall vision is “to support people from black, asian and minority ethnic communities including new and emerging, refugees and asylum seekers, to help build their confidence and independence to become more active in the community and access services; broaden their knowledge and skills to be able to move into education, training or employment; improve their health and wellbeing and develop their sense of belonging as a responsible and valued citizen of Bury”.
Projects Partnered with QED: Careers Advice and Learning in Madrassahs (CALMs)
Website: http://www.adab.org.uk/
Contact Details: 0161 764 6749

Name: Hamara
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Main Aim: Hamara has grown to be the largest ethnic minority organisation in the voluntary and community sector in Leeds. Information and Advice, Health Promotion / Education, Older People’s Services, Learning Disabilities, Women’s Activities, Sports and Exercise, Youth Services, Community Cohesion and Training Programmes are all key facets of its work. The organisation is regarded as a model of good practice both within its sector and by many statutory agencies in Leeds – a fact verified by the contracts it has been awarded by Leeds City Council, NHS Leeds and Social Services to name a few of the many partners Hamara currently works with.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) Yorkshire
Website: http://hamara.org.uk/
Contact Details: 0113 277 3330 or admin@hamara.co.uk

Name: Beaconsfield Primary School
Location: Southall, West London
Year Established: 1908
Main Aim: Beaconsfield Primary School is a thriving community school in the heart of the vibrant Southall community. Beaconsfield Primary School (BPS) is a very successful community school which seeks to educate all pupils to the highest possible educational standards. As a multi-faith, multi-ethnic community school, they work to support the development of the core British Values in all that they do through the school curriculum and across the wider school community.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) London
Website: http://www.beaconsfieldprimary.org.uk
Contact Details: Mitra Pooni, 020 8574 3506, admin@beaconsfield.ealing.sch.uk

Name: Children’s Centres, The London Borough of Redbridge
Location: Redbridge, East London
Main Aim: To improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities between families in greatest need and their peers in: child development and school readiness, parenting aspirations and parenting skills; and child and family health and life chances.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) London
Website: http://find.redbridge.gov.uk/kb5/redbridge/fsd/childrenscentres.page
Contact Details: Paulette Kelly, 020 8514 3128, Paulette.Kelly@redbridge.gov.uk

Name: Thornton Lodge Action Group
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Main Aim: Thornton Lodge Action Group was formed to act as a voice for the residents of Thornton Lodge and the surrounding areas. Their main aim is to promote and improve educational, health and economic welfare of the community.
Thornton Lodge Action plays an influential role within the community through its development, information, voice and representation work. It works closely with community members to support a coherent voice to promote positive change and regeneration in their ward.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) Yorkshire
Website: http://www.tactiongroup.org.uk/
Contact Details: Ibrar Hussain or Missbah Mahmood, 07871938174, missbah@tactiongroup.org.uk

Name: Asian Resource Centre of Croydon (ARCC)
Year Established: 1999
Main Aim: Charitable organisation, ARCC was started with the view of bringing together Asian communities. Their mission is to support, develop and promote voluntary and community activity that enhances the quality of life in Croydon. Their vision is of an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable voluntary and community sector (VCS) that enhances local quality of life.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) London
Website: http://www.arccltd.com/
Contact Details: Mamun Khan, 020 8684 3784, Mamun.khan@arccltd.com

Name: The Loop Global
Year Established: 2012
Main Aim: The Loop Global offers a range of project management expertise, and business development advice to provide innovative solutions for its clients, partnerships and communities.
Projects Partnered with QED: Quest for Integration (Q4i) London, Opportunity Pakistan – Commission on Social Entrepreneurship to Pakistan, Opportunity Pakistan Commission Report Roadshow at QED Headquarters, Opportunity Pakistan – International Conference on Business Education in Lahore, Dinner & Discussion Celebrating 25 Years of QED in Islamabad.
Website: http://www.theloopglobal.com/
Contact Details: Aneeqa Malik, 07828104744, aneeqa@theloopglobal.com